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CDM Campos has a wide variety of services for all ages. They can choose from an extensive range of activities to improve their well-being and health. From the start you will be guided by qualified staff that will show you the type of physical exercise that is most convenient for you, adapted to your objectives, physical condition, age and preferences. All this will be in a friendly and pleasant environment so that you can fully enjoy your free time.

Some of the services you will find in our centre are:

  • Directed activities
  • Indoor Cycling and Virtual Cycling activities
  • Personalized advice in our fitness room. Custom workout sessions for users through an application that all members will receive for free.
  • Custom Workouts
  • Hypopressive Gymnastics and Postural re-education.
  • Aqua Gym and Aqua Fitness
  • Swimming School from 0 to 17 years old, with the “Swimming is Life” programme (Programme endorsed by the Spanish Swimming Federation)
  • School-Swimming school
  • Swimming Education for Adults
  • Therapeutic Swimming
  • Swimming for pregnant women
  • Personalized swimming
  • Swimming Training Classes