Directed activities

Cardio Directed Activities

Virtual Cycling

Virtually taught indoor cycling class

Grit Cardio 20'

Intensity interval workout using the les mills method.

Indoor Cycling

Cardio-vascular training using an exercise bike.


works core and tones the main muscles (abs, back and glutes) increases funtional strength needed to improve postural stability and prevent injury

ABD express 20'

These muscles are used in most activities, keeping them strong hepls you perform the exercices better

Estiramientos 30'

30 minutes of gentle exercices to prepare the muscles for greater effort and increase the range of motionof the joins 

Toning-Strength Directed activities

Body Pump 30'

Les mills method with bars, discs and dumbbells, which defines; tones with the combination of bodybuilding and functional training techniques.

Buttocks 30´

Workout of 30 minutes of buttocks toning.

Total Abdomen 20'

Intense abs workout of 15 minutes.

Targeted Toning Activities - Cardio

Prosling Hit

Suspension training combined with Interval training.

Cross training

Intensive functional training activity to prepare the Spartan Race obstacle course.

Targeted activities - Flexibility, body and mind

Pilates Dynamic

Activity to consciously improve mobility, strength and body posture, with total movement control, according to the method of Joseph Pilates.

PRM Sport

Activity for strengthening, muscle recovery and injury prevention.


Traditional discipline in which breathing, and flexibility are worked on. It tones the body and mind, decreasing stress and anxiety.

Dance Activities Group

Aerobic Rumba

Improves the cardiovascular, cardiorespiratory, psychomotor and body coordination capacity, using popular dance steps.