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Water activities

MAMAACTIV (fitness for pregnant women)

Physical activity programme designed exclusively for pregnant women. In its section of aquatic activity, we seek to achieve a decompression of the entire spine, especially the lower back which is usually affected the most. In turn we generate the activation of large muscle groups in an ideal environment to avoid impact thanks to weightlessness.

Swimming courses

Swimming school for all ages, starting at the age of 6 months. Our school focuses on learning swimming techniques through games and the diversity of levels, in which all students feel included. The different levels we offer are: BABIES, CHILDREN, ADOLESCENTS, ADULTS and THERAPEUTIC SWIMMING.

Cross Swimm

Session in which different swimming training systems aimed at improving endurance are applied. On the "Borg scale": moderate difficulty.

Aqua Fitness

Aquatic exercise that combines the performance of general movements that involve large muscle groups, taking advantage of the resistance created by water. You will improve your aerobic capacity, tone your muscles, protect your joints as this is a low-impact activity. You will also improve your posture, have fun, improve coordination in movements and enjoy the feeling of weightlessness. On the "Borg scale": moderate difficulty.

Aqua Zumba

Aquatic exercise with a lot of energy and low impact which combines Zumba's philosophy with the resistance offered by water. On the "Borg scale": moderate difficulty.