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Our team is characterized by its professionalism; its ongoing training as a basis for the pursuit of excellence; and its approachable, friendly and quality treatment with our clients. Our core values are:

  • Customer-oriented
  • Commitment to health
  • Responsibility
  • Teamwork
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Coherence
  • Quality service


Roberto Javier Lambruschini

Master of Science in Physical Activity and Sports. Low Pressure Fitness Instructor, Pilates Specialist, Pregnancy Fitness Specialist, (Therapeutic) Swimming Specialist, Spinning Instructor, Directed Activities Instructor


Caterina Bibiloni Cifre

Administrative - Higher Degree in Administration and Management

Esperança Bibiloni Cifre

Customer Service, Administrative - Higher Degree in Administration and Management / Degree in Labour Relations

M. Antonia Serra Siquier

Customer Service

Cleaning and Maintenance

María Rosa García García


Marcela Ribeiro Machado



Soledad Arnal

Yoga and Pilates Instructor, Customer service

Tomeu Estades Siquier

Maintenance Technician, Swimming Instructor, Lifeguard

Verónica Rojano Castillo

All-round Instructor, Cycling Instructor, Pilates Instructor, Fitness Instructor, Lifeguard

Cristina Mestre Rosario

All-round Instructor, Cycling Instructor, Fitness Instructor, Lifeguard

Francisca Rosselló

All-round Instructor, Cycling Instructor)

Joana Gost Ramis

Pilates Instructor, Swimming Instructor, Lifeguard

Alexandra Palacios Vaicilia

Zumba Instructor, Swimming Instructor, Lifeguard

Célia Gutiérrez

Body Pump Instructor, Indoor Cycling Instructor

Martín Sánchez Magni

Swimming Instructor, Fitness Instructor, Lifeguard

Josep Gelabert Sampol

Cycling Instructor

Biel Palou Horrach

Swimming Instructor, Lifeguard

Andrés Cubero Ruiz

Swimming Instructor, Fitness Instructor, Lifeguard

Alejandro Ortíz Palacios

Pool Assistant, Modern Dances Instructor

Miquel Sastre Torrandell

Swimming Instructor, Lifeguard

Toni Domingo Luis

Cycling Instructor