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Directed activities

Cardio Directed Activities


Indoor cycling cardio training session, particularly directed at improving cardiovascular endurance and decreasing the percentage of body fat. On the "Borg scale": moderate difficulty.

Targeted activities - Flexibility, body and mind


Training session based on body reeducation and toning through deep muscles. Improves posture, tones and reduces stress. On the "Borg scale": moderate difficulty


An ancient discipline from India. The goal is to achieve balance between body and mind. Yoga is based on a series of practices in order to reach the highest level of consciousness. On the "Borg scale": moderate difficulty

Dance Activities Group


Dance session for having fun and getting fit. On the "Borg scale": moderate difficulty

Directed Toning Activities

Grit Series - Strength

A series of 30-minute high-intensity interval training (HIIT) exercises that provide incredible fitness results in no time. On the "Borg scale": very hard difficulty.


Toning training to achieve greater definition of the lower-body and abdominal muscles. On the "Borg scale": hard difficulty.

Body Pump

Strengthens, tones and defines the muscles of the whole body through the combination of different techniques of bodybuilding and functional training which produce a clear improvement in body posture. On the "Borg scale": hard difficulty.

F.T. Functional Training

Strength and endurance training through overall exercises which involve large muscle groups. The class is in a circuit format with stations that intertwine strength and resistance exercises. On the "Borg scale": hard difficulty.